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Posted by on 2021/09/03 under Life

It's been five days today to our roka. He didn't even give me a call. I know it's our arrange marriage but he should have been give me at least a call. In our very first meeting he gave speech about importance of family and now when I am going to become part of his family he doesn't want to know about my well being. Is this how he going to treat me like I am nobody to him. And what about his morals and values. Was that just a illusion for me?

6 thoughts on “Am I expecting too much?

  1. An old friend says:

    Can you maybe text him? Guys can be dense and not know that girl wants to talk to them. Sometimes they feel shy or awkward to talk to them. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about your well-being, but maybe it’s something else. If you have his number, message him a simple hi and see what he says

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s the problem I don’t have his number otherwise I will call him

  3. An old friend says:

    Do you have his family number or home number? If you don’t have his number, but does he have your number?

  4. An old friend says:

    Maybe look him up on Facebook if he has Facebook account

  5. Anonymous says:

    No I don’t have any family number and I am damm sure he doesn’t have my number but his sister have mine. And he doesn’t have any other social media accounts .

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow girl… you had a roka with a guy and you don’t even have any thing to contact with him? Lol I wonder how did you even agree to this marriage even before having his number or social media account in first place? just chill , who knows ? He might also have been thinking the same thing as you’re now!!! Ask his number when you two meet again!! NgL, guys are usually pretty dumb in this type of things…

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