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Posted by on 2021/07/19 under Life

It's so difficult to make choices about my future. I've made so many mistakes and had my fair share of failures that I now live in fear. I'm constantly trying to weigh out what the right option is and it leaves me at a stand still in life.

I feel like I'm constantly trying and all my efforts amount to nothing. It's to the point where I just want to give up from all the pressure. I don't want to lead anyone down my path of failures with me.

I try, I really try so hard, it seems that I just want to not try anymore. I just want to leave everything how it is and it's not in a good place. I talk about goals, a direction of moving forward but that's just empty words. Nothing I have done helps better anyone and there are never any permanent plans in place.

Don't mind me.

Drama queen won't leave me be.

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