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Governments everywhere want to eradicate cash and replace it with digital money. Helped by the mass media, they are using covid-19 as an excuse to force us all to stop using real money and, instead, to pay for everything with credit cards or phone Apps. In China, 85% of all transactions are already done by mobile phone. Governments and banks claim that cash carries disease but the risk is no greater than it has always been. All you need to do is wash your hands after handling cash. But cash gives us freedom and privacy. Below are some facts explaining why cash is vital:

1. Cash gives us freedom of movement and behaviour. Without cash `they’ will be able to track our every move. They will always know where we are, what we are buying and what we are doing. Privacy will be gone.
2. Cash helps teach children the value of money. It gives a sense of reality and the importance of money.
3. Cash helps stop people going into debt.
4. Many people rely on cash and without it will be unable to buy food. Nearly one in five people in Britain relies on cash and would struggle to survive without it. The millions (including the elderly and the homeless) who do not have bank accounts, or access to the internet, would find life impossible.
5. Using a phone or plastic card instead of cash for every transaction means that your details are at greater risk of being stolen, thus putting you at risk of losing everything – including your identity.
6. When cash has disappeared, banks may charge a transaction fee for every item bought – and, possibly, for every item sold.
7. If you rely entirely on credit cards, the banks will be able to cut off your access to your money very easily. If you misbehave, you will be denied access to your own money. It will be easy to prohibit the sale of certain items – such as alcohol. Also, the authorities will be able to prevent you from buying foods which are considered ‘inappropriate’ for your health.
8. The aim is to get rid of plastic cards and replace them with a universal phone App – so that all financial transactions have to be managed by phone. The plan is to replace phone Apps with implanted chips which will make us all slaves to an electronic system. Implanted chips are already being trialled. Eventually, the implanted chips will contain every bit of information about you. These chips can be turned `off’ in an instant from afar.
9. Without cash, and by forcing us to keep all our money in banks, the big banks will be able to extend negative interest rates.
10. Shops which ban cash are excluding many citizens and helping to remove our basic freedom and privacy rights. To keep cash alive, insist on paying with cash whenever possible. Try to avoid stores which refuse to accept cash.

Please make copies of this leaflet and distribute them as widely as you can. For access to the original and for more information visit

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

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