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so theres this guy since the first day we met we loved each other we met when we was 14 years old. we are both now 19 bout to be 20. so i loved him so much more than anything anyone he comes before everyone ! and then i have my cousin she is my partner in crime, my sis a while ago like years ago like 3yrs she ended up having sex with him when i wasent around MY HEART WAS BROKEN INTO A MILLION PIECES AND THE ONLY REASON I FOUND OUT WAS BECOZ SHE ENDED UP PREGNANT BY HIM…I HAD TO FIND OUT ON a page SAYING IM HAVING A LIL *****( HIS NAME )I CANT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I CRIED HOW I KUDNT STOP HOW EVERYTHING DIDNT MAKE SENCE TO ME ANYMORE . i decided i wanted to be part of this lil1 like i forgave her and him but parted from him and got closer to her UM YEAH SOUNDS INSANE BUT I LOVED HIM SO MUCH I WANTED TO BE CLOSE TO HIS SON AND SHE IS FAMILY BLOOD NO MATTER WAT.. so now there baby is 3 years old and today i had to be in the same car as they met up so he kud see his son …..i felt the same way that i felt when i found out 3 years ago that backstab that infidelity dat heartbreak omg it fcuken killeddd me i love him still. i love her … and i deff love that baby like my own =(=(

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  1. Millie says:

    Omg this is horrible pain 🙁

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