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Posted by on 2021/03/17 under Life

I'm really stressed out and have no idea what to do. School is nearly over but I'm having a lot of stress and anxiety for no reason. I think part of the reason is my 6th-period teacher. I feel as if I'm exceeding my limit of how much I could handle. I have two projects due this week which causes a lot of problems for me. One project is a presentation and I'm not worried about presenting because I've done it enough times not to stress. It's more or less the topic of it. If you're not familiar with an HS program called IB then this will be hard to understand. But in the junior year, you have to do a presentation and I am a freshman that decided not to do the program anymore but the problem is I took a Pre-IB class and in this class, we have to do a mini-presentation like that. So is due Friday and today is Tuesday and I need to work further on it but I'm stuck stressing about other things. I know life is hard but I need a break so I could have a little air. I haven't really worked too much on it because I need the teacher's appoval. Not only that but my teacher made it so complicated that I feel as if there are fires everywhere. I know other people have it worse but nobody likes the idea of stress or anxiety. There is also the fact that all my friends keep asking if I'm okay but the only thing I could say is "IDEK". Writing this made me gather my thoughts which helped a lot. I'm writing this in school and the good thing is there are only 20 minutes left of school. So I could go home and relax for the little time I have before I have to start homework. You know I kind of feel really pathetic for writing this because I shouldn't be complaining at all because I have a good life. Thanks for reading my story.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Take a deep breath and focus on the most important Priorities.

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