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Posted by on 2021/03/11 under Life

fatty prick d*** sick mick little wick in ya stick for a tick up ya bic ya sad little twik ike a twit on a mit opposed to the slit rather thee dik up ya little butt ya f***ing ugly trout silly little monkey plum prune s*** faced dumpling head pineapple head dont fear tee sirens ya lil wombat ya f***alump f***lings
fickle f***le little trouble little c*** ya f*** ya d*** splash face ride ya biycycle you fat bottomed whore im bored so bored of you little dip sheet s***
fuker c*** waffle c*** muscle ya fookin dikk!
ya f***le
lump head
fat face
fickin winker face
ya saucy little cazunt
im gonna open you up like a tin of baked beans

One thought on “sux cox ;)

  1. Anonymous says:

    yer a bastard!

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