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Posted by on 2021/03/08 under Life

Watched about 30 mins of love island australia, they got almost every colour woman possible a bone white, a full black, a half, a maori, a tanned, and a pinky one. All in bikinis all showing off their arses like there is no tomorrow, well they have to pick a guy each. These women must be thinking with their clunges because one even picked a guy and in 5 minutes she put her legs all over him and they were kissing. Another said to the guy, you look like you been carved out of stone for me, you are made for me. The poor fellow didnt know what to say, she was staring at his abs, and gawping, saying oh god your so good looking. This was within 5 minutes of meeting, in broad daylight, f*** me they gotta share a bed tonight, this is like a porno. Even the presenter stuck her tongue out at the couples and was biting her tongue to say, this is hot. The english one is bad, but f*** me, the english women aint this tarty as aussie girls, sickening. I thought this would be sophisicated more than the english, they are a right bunch of slappers i tell ya lol. It made me proud of english women actually, like wow these aussies are even worse.

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