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Posted by on 2021/01/02 under Life

February 2, 2020
12:13 PM

I'm just having random memories and imaginations
I'm at church. When a person asks for my name. This person knows my sisters. Instead of telling them my official name (Chinonyerem) , I just told them my preferred name, "Tournel". I feel so uncomfortable telling anyone my official name. I simply don't identify with the name. It's also long and difficult to pronounce anyway.

-Tournel H

I was just remembering how my parents lost their minds when I told them my results on night during the 2019 summer. Don't remember the exact day, but I told them my results that night when they asked, during the night prayers where they kept forcing me to sing because they want me to be part of the church choir even when I've expressed many times.
I claimed that I got the results a week before that night (I lied. I actually got the results since the beginning of May, before I came back to Nigeria for holiday). Now, while they have every right to be angry about the results because it was terrible, they also got angry that I told them late (1 week late to them. Now you see why it's better that I lied about the time I got the results). They said it indicates that I'm unserious and don't seem to care. Very false. What difference would it have made if I told them earlier? It won't change the fact that I failed and that I may be kicked out of school. I delayed to prevent the holiday from being worse than it was (not like it was any good anyway). They forced me to study in dad's office. Forced me into useless paid lessons. Forced me to sing. None of those were helpful, but how will I say that to them?

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