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The story starts at a rest stop in Texas. It was a hot summer day, Turner and her friends are going on a road trip. The first stop thats made is at a rest stop for truckers. Turner and her friends fill up on drinks, snacks and gas. Turner heads to the bathroom before they hit the open road. As she sat down on the toilet she notice is a hole behind her, the whole is dark but then all of a sudden light shines through. "Hello, is someone watching me?", Turner asks. As she looks into the hole she notices a yellow button. She finishes going to the bathroom, pulls up her pants while contemplating if she should push the button or not.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Turner is unable to get the button out of her mind. Standing there scratching her pretty little head. She strokes her long blonde locks, wiggles her nose and looks over again at the hole with piercing green eyes. She makes up her mind to be daring and Turner was a girl to try anything at least once. She scurried to press the button with her tanned hand. The yellow button flicks in and out slowly. She hears a little groan. She is startled presses it again the groan turns to growls. This might all sound very odd but the fact of the matter was before Turner and her friends set out on this vast road trip they each took LSD and Turner being her first time is hallucinating profoundly. Nothing is real right now and the hole behind the toilet is actually a glory hole and a very ugly smelly hairy grown man is hiding. That small yellow button she has been fiddling is in fact a grown mans penis. * EAT ME!!!* groans a grizzled voice, as Turner gets on her knees to lightly suckle on that yellow button that seems to be expanding into her mouth. She is giggling now and having a bunch of fun with the button. Almost twenty minutes she has been playing with it, until her friend Cassy comes into the room. Hey girlfriend you ok? Oh im fine yelps Turner, with a 10 inch button in her mouth. Hey want to join me? i found a button? sure, she opens the door and lets Cassy in. My that`s a lovely big blue button. Cassy is colorblind in her LSD trip. Can i suckle on it too? sure girlfriend, but let me tickle the base with my hands.
    Suddenly the hairy obese man with smelly fat folds pulls out and comes into the toilet. *Now girls its time to do some knitting! *
    My thats one big button says Turner. MMMhhMMM concurs Cassy, Lets ride that button girl like we used to ride the horses down in Dallas! yeeee harrr!!! ride on cowgirl!
    Turner jumps on the buttons face while cassy on its crotch! The grizzled man groans in delight. Never in his entire life had he had a threesome with two of the most gorgeous girls he had ever seen. His yellow button was now at least 11 inches, all the excitement and being so turned on pushed out an extra inch. Turner rolls over onto her front then onto all fours. She pulls down her pants showing the most perfectly formed butt. No underwear. *Want to put that yellow button into my chocolate brown button *? The man groaned like a spartan warrior. All this excitement was actually becoming too much for the old man he stumbled over his own feet fell ass over tit into the side of the toilet basin and smashed his head so hard he died instantly. Hey girlfriend * said Cassy, looks like this button turned into a gooey pink marsh mellow! Yups girlfriend, and i hate em, lets leave this and go on the road trip!
    The girls clean up from all that delicious button licking fun and headed out into the road where every grown man was a chocolate covered donut.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That was awesome!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This was so funny, I think I’m in love.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much indeed. I am sorry to steal center stage and im not sure of the perverted aspects of the story, maybe went a little far? Please feel free to try yourself, id love to see other writings. I would also like to thank the person who started this thread that inspired me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I started it, the person thats been posting, and I think that it was hilarious even if it got a little weird. That’s what made it so funny! I don’t even want to try because you are a really great writer and I don’t think I could top that.

    I’m glad that it inspired you!

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