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Posted by on 2020/06/20 under Life

This really works haha. I know that causes her even more discomfort than when I ignore her. To be frank, I have never been really mean to her. She’s been mean to me for years and everyone can see that now. I know when I ignore her she feels angry! And she becomes more and more mean, which won’t do me any good either because it’s just tiring to see so many bad and evil behaviours aimed at you.

So I decided to kill her with kindness instead. I offer her things. That’s the first baby step. To be honest, I have very strong aversion towards her – so it’s a bit tough for me to be friendly with her again. But to be kind to her, I think that’s what I can do. Because I am kind to everyone – all of my friends and colleagues can see that I’m too nice and too kind most of the time. So being kind to her is no problem even when I’m not friendly to her anymore.

I doubt that she will have any remorse or regret over what she has done to us but that’s not important. The important thing is that she would not be like an injured animal biting everyone anymore because my kindness partly calms her down.

I will only be here for another month (yesss!!).

One thought on “Kill them with kindness

  1. Anonymous says:

    What did you offer her?
    Why should she feel remorse or regret over what she did to “us”?

    Some people are injured, there might be a reason to why she acts like an injured animal.

    Can you tell more?

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