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Posted by on 2020/06/10 under Life

I'm sorry

I think I'm about to give up. I know I should try but everything hurts. I don't know what to make out of this, I'm finally empty. I have nothing now but I guess I had nothing when I came to this life. I don't have a reason to live anymore. I don't feel God's love like others. God is not good, He is just and maybe He's not fond of me just like everyone. No one really cares about me, they only show up when it's too late. But it's okay, I know they'll forget me anyway. I'm sorry I'll let everyone down. But this will be the last one. At least I can be strong one last time. Good bye.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t do it.

    I dont know if its too late but just dont.

    This life can become overbearing at times and we can find ourselves lost of Hope and the will to go on. But understand that you matter in this world that is why you are here. You might feel like you do not belong or that you are empty but this feeling will pass. It’s all right to feel lost and sad. Find the strength deep down to keep on going accepting that you are not alright is that first step just getting help. Seek counseling or therapy it is amazing how helpful some people can truly be.

    I hope this doesn’t come too late now you alright. I don’t know these words are even helpful to you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please have hope. Life is hard. I myself have had similar thoughts. Perhaps you should try and talk to someone

  3. Anonymous says:

    Be strong one last time and please live to make things better.

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