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Posted by on 2020/05/03 under Life

I don't want to be mean. I really dislike it. I only am mainly horrible when I feel attacked or pushed down. Sometimes people in my family say nasty comments and then I fire back. It's not appealing. If anything, after I feel guilty, more than normal. I know they say we are mean to others to build ourselves up, but in the end I just feel crummy after. Also, I'm sure there are more reasons why we break others down. I understand when people are sad, they often want to make others sad. To do this they'll try their best to bash and whatnot. I try to avoid being horrible to others. If I say something and it's too truthful to the point it hurts, it's not that I did it intentionally. Most of the time I'm honest with my words, even when I'm out of line. I feel like I care more now what people think than what I use to. I can be so sensitive and because of this I try not to hurt others because I really know hurt.

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