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Posted by on 2020/04/13 under Life

You know… I expected more out of my life at this age. At the age of 18, the whole plan was to get married, be a mom, have lots of kids, and be happy after high school. I'm 24 years old now, not married or have kids. It's so funny how life works or doesn't work out (haha). Currently, I am dating someone for about 2 and half years. You could say that it's a pretty chill relationship. People often think it's weird that I told him from the beginning of the relationship, "I don't ever want you to say the words 'I love you' until you marry me." It's great that he listens because to this day we haven't said those words to each other. Our plans are to get married if we're together within 1-3 years (if nothing drastic happen). My job is also getting me nowhere haha. Looking for jobs before this epidemic was going to soooo well! ('tear') Soooo sad! Could've gotten a job as a property manager who got a free apartment and still got paid for doing a good job! Being broke is no joke you guys! It sucks to complain but sometimes you can't help it when things aren't working out. People can tell you no matter how many times you don't want to hear it, "just wait, it will get better." How long will it take to get better people!? Do I have to be in my thirties to have it together? Who knows? I sure as heck don't (haha)! Sometimes I think, maybe going back to working with kids would make me more happy. They are a lot more fun to hang with than adults. Property management is fun too (sometimes). Whatever! I'm young! I still have time (doesn't feel like it…). Ah! I've been eating a lot more recently too! Getting so fat to where I destroy myself is the goal so there will be motivation to lose weight. You can say it's not healthy but that's where my motivation comes from. Most people say that my rebelliousness is super unnecessary. Example! If you tell me to not buy something because I don't need it… I'll buy it because you told me not to. If you tell me to watch something you recommend… I won't watch it! Sounds stupid and unreasonable but it's true. Super stubborn about stupid things is what people tell me. You could also say that I'm a super clumsy too. When I arise in the mornings, I tend to bump into everything to travel to the toilet. At work, bumping into my desk, the wall, doors, and more is normal now. Have you ever felt like you are such an embarrassing person? I do! Well… That's all for this topic! Adios!

One thought on “Random rambling! HAHA

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m 24 too, feel you.

    I don’t know, maybe we can get out of this. I dream of a grand revolution that will probably never happen for a big social change.

    It’s not all of our fault. If only we were born into rich families, we would’ve never had such problems. If only world wealth wasn’t so saturated at the top, maybe we would’ve had a bit more. The wealthy class want us to believe that it’s our fault that we can’t get financial stability when it’s them who are stealing opportunities by not paying taxes, paying the govt to subsidize them. They can buy the lawyers to bend the laws, we can’t.

    I’m just rambling nonsense. Let’s keep powering though…

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