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Posted by on 2020/04/11 under Life

Dear sweet, sweet a******,
I hope that adulterer f***ing cheats on you too. I f***ing hate you! I hope that you argue and your arguments linger and create cracks within which is the foundation of your relationship. When those cracks become large enough I hope they fill with the ice from your soul which freezes them and makes them larger. So large that your relationship is unrepairable. I hate you! I hope I never have to see your face again. My wish for you my dear is that you are miserable. I sure now it's you that talked all that s*** on novni. I would never harm my children or allow any harm to my children. I hear neglect does wonders. That sarcasm. I f***ing hate you! You are the scum between my toes. You make me sick. I don't know what the f*** hold you had on me but I wish I wouldn't allow it. I see the person you truly are and it hurts.

PS I hope you get fatter and more bald-headed with age.

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