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Posted by on 2020/04/11 under Life

I came to write because I was beginning to feel myself slip into what I seem to believe is depression. I was fine until I began to feel as if I was being harassed. Then I let my hate and anger grow fully knowing that it was going to do the opposite of what I was trying to attempt. I let them get the best of me and this time it truly affected my well being. I still truly don't know who it is but that doesn't matter. What matters is that I reacted and that's just what they wanted.

I have once again pulled myself somewhat out of this funk, but I wonder for how long. My goal will continue to try and get help, and I have a plan set in place. After realizing that somebody was messing with me, I was intentionally pushing back, I will not do this anymore. I will not hold this over my own head, but I feel very disturbed and dissatisfied with my reaction to their actions.

I want to blame it on my downward spiral and on the unwelcome arrival of my dark shadow that is not my own, but it was only out of my own ego reacting to what I felt was a threat. As shameful as I am to admit I might never change the feeling of being defensive but I will work on it.

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