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Posted by on 2020/03/29 under Life

When I watch porn it's all about f***ing. There are no emotions besides from the way over dramatization of the female asking to get it harder. Then faking an orgasm like he's the best she ever had. Along with fake moans, heavy breathing it's all just sex. Of course the female has to act like she's his slut. Sticking her finger in the cum that just shot out onto her ass and putting it in her mouth, as if that crap tasted delicious. Or what about the face shots where she's looking like she can't wait to get his load right on her face. Is this what guys want? It's often hard to imagine that men want any kind of emotional attachment. Don't most men like watching porn? I know they jerk themselves to it. The only time the orgasms sound real are when two women are going at it with toys. And that at time seems that it would be painful because of their long fake nails stabbing at another's twat. Ouch!

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