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Posted by on 2020/03/27 under Life

There are a bunch of stupid morons out there acting like they are immune from the virus. I can just imagine they will be ones whining pissing and moaning "Help me" when the SHTF.

Just like that stupid moron retard I almost hit with my car yesterday! traveling down the road at 3:20 pm in rather heavy traffic and he decides to walk out between two cars 50 feet apart like he is made of iron. I wished I had a large lung'er snot wad to blow out the window as I passed as I almost clipped him with the mirror.

Yeah I was only doing 30mph but really?
He just casually walked out in traffic like there was no traffic at all.
Dumb ShEit.

But IF I had hit him! I am sure he would be whining pissing and moaning that it was all me.

4 thoughts on “Bullet Proof from Crona … Really?

  1. Anonymous says:

    They announced that if you had the Coronavirus than you will not get it again. The thing is that they do not have a test that determines if you’ve had it or not. But if you have had it and are now healthy they want you to help out and be a working citizen. I think I had it back at the end of January. I still can’t get a job because the schools are closed and I have to watch my kids. S*** makes no sense.
    On a positive note they are using the survivors antibodies to help the infected.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! Keep belief in everything you hear and come back with the proof a year from now when it re-appears 10X worse than now!

    Many claim they cant even Identify the Aids Virus of if its real or exist… so its best not to be a mud packer, cum guzzling gay, or Lesbo.

    Ever heard of the different strains of the Flu and that which mutates from year to year? Even the CDC rolls the dice and lays a bet on which strain of the flue (or if it mutates to a new strain) and gets it wrong “”””LIKE LAST YEAR 2018-2019. What about Other diseases and viruses. Hep A, B, C, Aids, Sars, H1N1, Zika, Ebola, Ecoli and others????

    One word for the weak and mindless sheep, the social and government zombies, those brain washed by hope and rumors, less we forget the selfish and careless bullet proof Moron snowflake menials —> forward to 2020 and onward. Those who blame everything on the Boomers but are Licking Crap seats like they are immortal and immune because they have a different view, opinion or outlook on life. IDIOTS and RETARDS!

    JUST like the Dumb AZZ mindless Squirrel walking out in front of and between two moving car as if to dare either of them to hit him as he is protected by IDEOLOGY of Law and Government body that says so and gives him such protective rights, as to make wrong, stupid and dumb azz decisions.

    Dont count on this being over anytime soon or going away Sunday morning as you wake and get ready for Sunday school and remember there is a God. It can and will most likely mutate just like everything else and every other nightmare in this world…..everything seeks life and to survive by any means possible. Per all the MIT, Yale and Harvard scholars….It may statistically plane out and/or lay dormant in the summer humidity (killing ONLY 10-15 nobodies poverty stricken peasants in each state “but not the $250K middle class with government insurance”) and re-appear in the fall flu season like concentrated hells fire and gasoline canned inside a pissed off North Korean nuclear warhead!

    And you can bet no government or entity will offer a cure or protection from such …..much less for free… much less admit responsibility! (even though it was all their political power, global power, militant research mistakes in the first place).

    About the only thing the Gov has acknowledge about their mistake is that its A GLOBAL threat/Killer effecting and affecting all (globally) and most importantly the financial economy (not human lives) MONEY, REVENUE, TAXES! Else Government falls and fails…….and China is blaming it on an accidental instances saying it occurred and spawned in a fish market? Like a ghost created and appearing out of thin air? A combo of human snot, piss and fish oil?????????
    Really? I guess if you are stupid enough to trust that logic… then all marine life in general, all bodies of water and shores…, seafood, marine life, food consumption, and storage or the sale there of, all those potential sources (shores, water, marine life, combined with human waste) as we know it should be abolished and no one allowed to even own a fishing pole, own a fish tank, blow their nose or piss in a toilet. YOU MIGHT ACCIDENTALLY CREATE COVID-19 or 20, 21, 22…. while feeding your little fishy with a nose bleed or eating rotten food out of the trash can from captin-D’s, Red Lobster. Maybe even McDonalds Feligh-O-Fish sandwich. or when you poop it out or let it rot in an trash can with the unfinished dite cola with zero calories or sugar!

    (More Mockingly) Close the pet stores and any other place that sells any type of marine life species down to the microbial levle (Lobster, fish, Shrimp, Squid, Bait, plankton etc) else it will create the Coronoa virus if it stales and thus kill the whole world! More so, lets not forget all the coast lines and shores around the globe, all the naturally occurring and dead fish and other that washes ashore…. that too will create Covid- 19 in natural occurrence, mutation and evolution if the conditional environment is JUST RIGHT (cold-hot-wet-dry rotting or crossed with outer marine life combos). LOL and BS!

    Government has to lie and spread a sparking lie of hope……….else they will be incompetent and the world will panic and the structure will fall to ruins. The have to avoid a responsibility as to maintain trust in their infrastructure and lay the blame somewhere on some stupid citizen or environment related to irresponsible individuals /citizens.. but not the real villains who control the lives of all.
    Make no mistake about it
    All government is communist back stabbing liers no matter the origin.

    US, Canada, Russia, N/S Korea, Cina, etc… Govs all knew and have known about this killer and kept it on ice for over 10 years. Testing it, Studying it, for chemical warfare as to show global dominance and power. ITS ALL GOVERNMENT Military super power chemical Warfare (card up the sleave), a natural occurring element/virus (so they say) virus… worse than Nuclear warfare (Its chemical and does not distinquish between the rich and poor). See/google agenda 21.

    Covid came from Canada, delivered to Whan CH (whatever and howerver you spell it), an institution in china which claims it was accidentally “mishandled” and so they blamed on it on some near by sea food market…… which is less than 3 miles away from ground Zero (Wahan institute) which deals in CH chemical warfare and such.

    But beside the point of My OP.!!!!!

    Lets just all stop for a moment and lick multiple Strangers Azz’es. Do not discriminate in such effort, Millionaires and bums alike. You will not be harmed or contract anything! Because I said so and did it for 1 minutes of fame and glory.
    I know, I will walk into the middle of traffic, just to prove how confident I am. Besides the law will let me sue them for my own stupidity and free choice…..

    FUGGING IDIOTS. They should die… and quickly! Suffering severely.

    Still,and outside of all the above, I think every non government human on this planet “globally” should stop trusting Government and their politics, as they don’t give a damn about society… just like the stupid moron snowflakes acting like they are bullet proof.

    TRUST NO ONE and Never believe what you hear. They are just trying to lull the devil of mass panic in a global or national society in order to save their own azzed and jobs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m not even going to touch this uneducated rant of bul/s***.

  4. Anonymous says:

    By the way it was a fish market that sold live and dead animals. Animals as in more than just fish and what not from the sea.
    They already said that this will come back most likely every year like influenza. You are poorly educated on diseases if you think that Hep A, B, C, and Aids/HIV are not real and killing off people in this world. Try taking a A & P course.

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