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Posted by on 2020/03/23 under Life

I don't know if I can make you happy. I hate you so much till the day i start to longing for your existence and… that' when I realised that I like you.. n now.. i don't like you anymore.. you know why? It is because I love you, you idiot! I always told to myself that… you deserve someone who is better than it's okay if you want to get married with someone else. Be happy for the rest of your life as i will be happy too. yeah i know its hurt… but what can I do? i don't want my partner feel regret by marrying to me. Today you said that you love me n then the next day, you don't want me anymore bcause the feeling is suddenly disappear. n i HATE that so much. i love you S! and do you want to know smthg bout my flaws? I DON'T EVEN GIVE MYSELF A CHANCE TO BE HAPPY! not even once… im sorry S.

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