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Posted by on 2020/02/13 under Life

it's gonna be valentines. and I gonna be all alone as usual. sh*t.

2 thoughts on “single and sad:(

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you get dumped?

  2. Anonymous says:

    nope. my hyper-protective parents send everyone away, so i’ll be alone for the next thousand years till I get enough money to buy a house far away. they won’t even let me buy an apartment, and i’m not living on campus for college, so i’m NEVER away from them. i’m literally 19 and never even been able to talk to a guy in person for longer than 5 minutes!! like, wtf?? what’s so bad about boys that mom and dad act like they’re these evil menacing creatures that’ll steal your virginity just by looking at you?? like, how the f* did THEY meet??

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