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Posted by on 2019/12/11 under Life

I hate this fkn b****. Who the f*** can claim to love someone but continously break up with them and within a week to 10 days after splitting up gets her pussy c***slammed by other dudes then 2to 4 months later comes calling and texting back to me? Wtf?? And why'd I do it to myself to keep taking the slut whore psycho b**** back? Was I that f***ed up about love? Why were my feelings so strong to start with about someone that truly didn't give a f*** about me and could turn their feelings off like a god damn light switch? I don't get some people. His d*** was a cheese wheel.. yet you keep going back. He treats you like s*** & a whore. But you keep going back. F*** you you worthless white trash lying b****.

2 thoughts on “F***ing c***

  1. Anonymous says:

    yah f*** dat b**** man.
    f*** em and leave em.
    f***ing whores.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Go out and get all you can, all females do that, so why do you want to lock yourself into one piece, when they all are giving it away.

    Every one you pass by, puts you one piece behind. Get your share and dont worry about the slug. Go find about 10 more slugs and work them.

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