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Posted by on 2019/12/07 under Life

I loved the holidays as a kid….everything about them the lights the music the whole spirit of Thanksgiving and xmas….now I want to f***ing puke every time I hear any xmas music and on top of that is wells up an anger deep inside that is utterly unexplainable how deeply hateful it is…I see the lights and all I feel is disgust at the excessive display of holiday cheer and enjoyment…yet when I think about it it saddens me that I hate this thing that's supposed to bring people together….now dont mistake this for hating gatherings cuz I love being with family and friends on both…its the rest if it I deeply loathe and I dont know why….maybe it's what its become with all the corporate greed surrounding it I dont know….but f*** I cant wait for it to be over

One thought on “Where did it all go

  1. Anonymous says:


    At least your lucky enough to have someone invite you to a family gathering. I am the bottom of the barrel father, last option of dread, and not shared a (On Time) holiday or consideration for over 10 years!

    So I say fu*k even my own children!

    They think in-laws and friends come first over me. 2-4 days after the holiday… I get seconds and left overs and I should appreciate that contribution.

    Christmas Thanksgiving… boom “were spending it at the inlays, wont have time for you, its too much trouble, how about 2 days(or) later and you come to us, its too much effort for us to stay in harmony with the normal ritual of visiting the elder you…. Other elders/in-laws get our respect and gift of family visits on the holidays…..but not you. We want to put you off until the air of the holiday is surrounded by depression, holiday exhaustion and realization of all the over spending and bills. Here’s a cheap pair of dress socks with the Simpsons/or ghost busters embedded on them that you would be embarrassed to wear even if dead… Well, we got to go back to work tomorrow so we need you to leave by 6:30 pm or we will act entranced and busy on our cell phones and ignore you as you are intervening with our (and cutting into our private) FAMILY time, overstaying your welcome….see ya next year or if I need or want something in between.

    So I deserve it with my attitude????? They are the ones that gave me this attitude. Before that, they were not too busy, always made it out to visit on the (day before or day of) holidays. Even got calls as to share the aftermath of excitement.
    Why? because they got cash gifts and showed with gifts. When I tightened up (due to being old and not working)… it all changed.

    Lesson, if you don’t give money and gifts, even you own children will abandon you and favor strangers and hold them in higher regards and respect.


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