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Posted by on 2019/12/04 under Life

In London, Embankment train station, a man plays his melancholy guitar.
In Paris- An Algerian sips espresso near gare du nord.
In Dover- A freckled homeless guy in navy blue clothing, washes clothes in the sea.
In Barcelona- Spanish woman`s sombre face sparkles as music plays in a restaurant while looking at paella on a menu.
In Broadstairs – An educated old gent coughs and splutters in a secondhand bookshop beside a gas fire.
In Basildon – Bus station, pigeons everywhere, air feels dirty. The 8 to Laindon, 100 to Lakeside. Plastic eastgate shopping centre, dusty clouds. Pigeons white and blue sit on a concrete windowsill. The disconcerting hoody, attire of the day, train speeds to Pitsea.
In Margate – Hari krishnas dance carrying electronic speakers blaring chants.

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