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Posted by on 2019/10/31 under Life

i had a crush on the same woman for 10 years. She never wanted me in a relationship sexual way, so i am deemed to be friends with her forever. Problem is when i see a new pic of her and she looks incredible and ive always felt she was super hot i get all in love again over her sexy hot pic. Im a bit shallow i guess. Still i think she reaches out to me on occasion to see if i am still around and i jump to her like a lost puppy dog all excited. I just wish i could cut her loose from my life.

3 thoughts on “10 year crush on a woman

  1. Your friend says:

    She is just using you bro, using you to boost her ego. Say f.uck off to her and time to move on from her life. You deserve someone better! Forget about her, block her everywhere

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks man i will try

  3. Anonymous says:

    Slip her a mickey while she is gone, then go over and get some for about a year. Yeah… rape the parasite.

    Then I bet you will find she is not all that. Do her as dirty as she is doing you.

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