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Posted by on 2019/10/05 under Life

How can I find out if I feel depressed or just really upset?
I'm always in a gloomy mode and have no interest in anything to do with being with people, and tiny things piss me off.
People who have experienced this if you know this feeling and have depression if you can explain and tell if this is a faze of being tired and sad or depression?

Thank you for anyone who takes time out of their day to read this, I hope you have a wonderful night/morning/afternoon or whatever time it is for you! (Please do comment and tell me if it just is a faze or a problem)

2 thoughts on “How can I find out if I’m deppressed?

  1. Anonymous says:

    If it is only a feeling, if you are not to the point of harming yourself, then i suggest you don’t seek medical attention like going to a psychiatrist. Im saying this for my own experience. I think what you are experiencing right now can be self limiting or is only temporary so i suggest you try to fight those feelings or emotions. If you feel gloomy, try watching funny videos or hang out with cheerful and fun- to-be-with friends. You said you have no interest with people or being with them. It is okay to temporarily isolate yourself from them as long as you are doing something positive or opposite of the things that will make you feel depressed like dont listen to sad music instead listen to happy songs, dont think negatively, instead just dream something you hope to be or have and set goal on it.

    I am clinically diagnosed with depression, don’t wait until you are diagnosed with it. I stopped going to my doctor because it will only be a reminder of the things ive done or medicines that i have taken so I tried to fight it and gradually i did. Thoughts are still there but it is little by little replaced by the goals that i have set, bucket lists that i have written We only live once and it is too short to precious for us to be wasting it. I definitely waste a lot of years but it is never too late to make all our lives meaningful. I wish you well. Godbless and i hope that you overcome it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    – chai

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