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Posted by on 2019/10/04 under Life

Today I started my new job as a Funeral Arranger. I thought I would be okay? I am okay? But I’m not 100% okay. The smells in the rooms, especially where the deceased are kept has stuck into my nose and even laying in bed I can still smell death. I had some laughs with the people there. But seeing that man laying on the table with his skin falling off. This is why I’m not 100% okay. I’ve seen a dead person before. But a dressed dead person. A dead face I could handle. But not a dead body. I could see everything. I looked into his face and saw nothing. This man had lived a life that I knew nothing about. And right now. In that time. He was naked. We had never met. I knew my first day was going to be hard.

I’ll move forward. I will learn my job and I will do it well. So that the families are proud they chose me to take care of their loved one. I will see worse people. But today. It’s shocked me. But I will continue and I will make them proud.

One thought on “My first day

  1. Anonymous says:

    The smell is one thing to filter out, I think there is smelly sauce you can get to alter the aroma entering your nose.

    Deat is an incarnate we all must endure, but to be bombarded by it, I am gussing you are the one sliceing and dicing? what ever you do, try not to personalize it, Maybe try to some earphones and your choice in music as well.

    every funeral I have been to, I have hated all the hum drum, repressing music designed to take you deeper into depression and remorse to the point of suicide.

    Then again maybe they were just giving you the test drive and worst possible case to see how you handle it.I hear they have very sick humor and a different outlook.

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