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Posted by on 2019/09/12 under Life

On the back of an English £5 note there is a picture of that stupid warmongering fat bastard Winston Churchill. He is looking at me, with that stern podgy face. Its nauseating. I turned it over and now the Queen is looking at me, in the portrait she is a young fertile queen even though she is 90 in real life. So i folded the note over and the obese bastard is staring at me again, i fold it one last time and the note has half of each side showing so i have Winston Churchill and the queen both staring at me. It sucks to be English.

One thought on “19:07

  1. Anonymous says:

    would you rather it be some wale-fare nigger bum that is hooked on crack on the e-note. Just quit looking at it and buy some lunch.

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