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Posted by on 2019/07/07 under Life

I hate my life. I live in an unprivileged home where I feel so trapped. I feel like im one of the most unintelligent person on this planet and all I ever want to do is die. im so sick of this life. I just learned I will not be in my school program this year because I was too stupid and couldn't do well enough to remain in my program. I feel like I would be doing this world a favour if I died.

2 thoughts on “I’m so done with life

  1. Anonymous says:

    no, please live and let’s change the world for the better. otherwise i want to die too

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, your screwed again. Think about it! Theres an after life and who says you will be up to par in that life. Even worse, if you off yourself, you go to hell and they will make fun of you there for being so dumb as to kill yourself; as well as burn you for quite a long time such as For-Ev-er….

    So suck it up and realize, you are not dumb, they are just Idiot Morons who dont matter!

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