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Posted by on 2019/05/14 under Life

This isn't how I thought I'd be spending my day, sitting in my room, munching on food, feeling sorry for myself, although you put me through a lot of bulls***, this is the worst thing you have ever done. You be nice to me, make me feel like everything is normal again, then you go and embarrass me in front of everyone, do you know what it's like to have everyone that you've known, everyone you've shared good times with, people you've helped, just spit it all back in your face because of some b**** who likes to make people feel less then they already do. You made everyone hate me, laugh at me, ignore me. I can't even trust my "best friend" anymore, because I don't know what you've told them about me. Although this happened a week ago, it still stings to know that you still slag me off, still send people over to me to tease me, I was walking home today, and one of he girls doing it walked past me and said "oh hi (my name)" when.she was me, she also did it in that sarcastic voice, knowing that if I retaliated, she could go.back and report about her s***ty mission, I have better, they protect me from you, they actually care about my existence, they are the people I need, and I don't deserve them, but I deserve much better than you, you made me feel like gum on the.bottom.of your shoe, and you, you made me feel like I was hated by everyone, and you made up your.mind.about our friendship, "it's'm over", you, you made yourself queen bee, and you, my friend, stabbed me in my back, you all deserve each other.

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