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Posted by on 2019/05/01 under Life

Everything is destined to be, right? And if you do the right things, are the best you you can be, you will have fulfilled your destiny. Done the things you were brought here to do. In order to do this, they say to follow your heart- but that's kind of hard when you have no idea where it's pointing, isn't it? The point is, any advice? Please help!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i don’t like to think of destiny as being set in stone. id like to think of it as an old man weaving a tapestry sometimes the old man makes a mistake but its already been done and he can’t fix that so he continues and he continues to weave until he runs out of linen. sometimes he doesn’t know that the linen he picked up had less than the others but he continues to make his master piece. so don’t worry about your destiny the old man is taking care of you and smiling as he does so

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