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life is a term il never come to understand.. i dont understand this life wats the point behind it…were always hurtin….frustration confusion and agony cant seem to stay distant to me i can never come close to the term happiness and if i did it just never lasts life is tough and were only young and weve seen enough of the struggle in this left out world where everything you ever wanted cant come close to you its like ur alone in this world and no one knows how ur feeling u just lock ur room and cry ur lungs out maybe hurting urself a little just to know ur alive and the rage it grows stronger and builds up a monster inside of you that just wants to be unleashed and u think of the world as a cruel place that never show u easy life i keep on thinking that the best is yet to come but unfortunately the opposite was alaways the solid truth..every year my agony, sadness, lonliness increases and im so sad now that noe one can see that but i just need to have just a simple life no hurt no worries..thats wat i crave the most..i have witnessed a lot of backstabbed bs from the past and up till now ive just had enough of backstabbing gossip-telling lying ppl i just wanna get out of this lie we live in my life got so complicated so complex i dont understand it anymore and instead i just regret the first mistake i did and always got back to the start and wwish i chose the right path from the start if i did back then, then i woulndt went through all these bad situations and the state that im in now i really hate close-minded ppl i mean we live in the 21-century god dammit!!i just want to be happy again i dont wanna be hurt i just want a simple life. but i knw i would never have that. and i know il keep on the wrong path cuz theres no point in avoiding it since im already in it everythings worthless.. what u do in the world is ur own actions tryna stand out is a test that we are meant to fail in

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