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Posted by on 2018/05/16 under Life

I feel as though no one cares for me, and I had one true friend who mived away last month, it's been hard but I've thought to see through it, so I really need someone to tell me if I need to make better friends, ones that don't leave me when they are in trouble, friends stick by eachother, right? But I have friends yet I feel so alone, like all of them are using me for some personal reason, I'm tall and I can reach things, I usually have sweets in my bag and thy always nag me for things, and I feel as though the only friend I had, was a boy btw, he kept leaving to go to other friends which I wasn't friends with and I felt as though I was abandoned by this person, I always had dreams about us, if we could ever be something, but I know he didn't feel the same, ad now kinda confused about my feelings and I just can't deal with anymore, my mother was pregnant and she had a miscarriage and that's just rained all over my parade, I was so distraught and now I'm depressed I find it difficult to go to sleep, and now I am just over stressed because of school life and friends who I really don't think are friends and I can't even right now! Please comment to give me advice…..

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  1. a random helper \ a helping hand says:

    Firstly let me tell you something that you need to remember, SITUATIONS ARE TEMPORARY, and ALL FRIENDS ARE NOT FOREVER FRIENDS!! you will find new friends, try reaching out to people and going out , not to drown or forget the pain, but get new experience. As well I would like to say I’m sorry for you and your mom’s loss , as miscarrying is one of my worse fears but just know not all things are meant to be , just stay positive , keep your head up, and I promise you things will get better

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