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my name is Paul Garcia and this year i see all these people wearing warm cloths having nice thing’s and family loving them having a good time not having to worry about how there going to eat or how they are going to get somwhere… that used to be me. im 16 years old and having trouble. honestly i hate life right now. i have little to no friends and i sometimes go a day without eating. my family puts it on me to find a way home, get my self cloths,find things to eat. its hard. i try to shake it off and pretend like everything is fine when its not. i play the role that everything is fine and i dont have to worry about anything. it hurts alot. all i want is to have a normal life. i dont threaten to commit suicide or b**** about life to anyone because with that theres a chance people will find out the real me and i dont want that. i am not a happy person. not at all. i smile and act like everythings fine when its not. i hate my self. but i have an amazing girlfriend. she sort of knows my life but not really. i love her. and she loves me, my number is (805) 406-4363. if you can give me some nice words or some incouraging words itd be nice!

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