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Umm hey. Its been ages since i found this page and then wrote my story here.. I did wrote twice. First was to the guy i used to have a crush on, and the second was to the d***head guy. Both of them were my classmates in high school..
however its been a long long timeeee
now i go to an university in a bigger city.. well the guy i wrote the first story about is goin to the same univ as me, but yeah ive moved on. Not that simple, ive suffered too much lol. Forget bout him thennn
Back to the point.. I’m honestly writin this third story for a guy i think i have a crush not sure either but i think.. Yeah.
I cant go a day w/o thinking how would it felt to be w/ him! As simple as taking selfies together..talkin in his accent.. How sweet.
Im not sure, but everyday almost everytime i mean.. I always think bout havin a relationship w him. Oh my since when have i been this creepy?
Well i know, it seems so impossible for me to be w him
He doesnt even give me a signal dude!!!!
Screw it dude he just read our last convo wo replyin back!!!! Wth?
But idk either how can i have a crush on a guy like this?
Well, i know no one would read this except myself. No one would know that i wrote this, even on midnight, except God and myself. He wouldnt even know that i wrote this for him. This is dedicated to him. Well he doesnt even know that i have some feelings for him, NO ONE DOES, except God and myself i repeat haha
Iloveyouthere. I wanna have some convo w u so please make some convo w me! 🙁
I’ll try my assoff to be prettier skinnier and also better and smarter too.. For you! Would u love me back dude?
Loveya A..

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