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my life
I hate
Is pain, everlasting 
No way to escape
I need to get hit by a car. Train*
I can’t even kill myself.
trapped in this world without the will to live.
consumed with grief.
no one to talk to about it
no friends.
There was a time when I felt unstoppable
Life was perfect
I had everything I truly wanted
It was taken away from me..
The love of my life

I am so alone
I don’t have anyone
I have no friends
no one
I’m going to court
I’m doing horrible in tech
I’m barley passing school everything in our past haunts me
I can’t even stay happy for a whole day with you
I have the worst life ever
You said you’d do anything for me right? 
Just kill me

I hate the way I am
I hate who I am
Sorry I got mad before
you were right
I really am a f***ing piece of s***

I love you
don’t let go
surely I will drown
without you holding on
It’s up to my throat and gripping

I wish you were there to see me chug down that captian, I wish you felt every f***ing cut, the ones on my arms, and the ones on my thighs I tried to hide from you. I hate you but I need you, you’ve made me insane

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