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Posted by on 2013/03/24 under Uncategorized

So lately, I’ve been stressing so much. Like my life feels as if its going to fall apart. Things are so hard right now i don’t even know what to do. I feel like my family puts so much pressure on me. I love my family with all my heart, but things are so hard at times! All i hear is “you need to tell your dad this”, “go tell your mom. this” (btw my parents are divorced), “why cant you do this”, be a lawyer when you grow up” , “find the best job” , “stop acting like these other girls”, etc!! I feel like i have to do everything! And its really hard! Sometimes i wish, i was dead.. to be honest ;/ I know its bad&sad, but its true! Everyone is always depending on me! I miss how things use to be. I miss being a kid and not having to care about anything. But all i can do for now is STAY STRONG AND PRAY

& of course BE HAPPY (:

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