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My girl, she hurts inside and nobody knows it, she fears everything and she fears herself now, she fears her future,and it makes her panic, shes anxious about meeting people, trusting people, she dosen’t know how to have a friend or how to get one, so when she trys to, she fails, she suffers depression she hates that nobody knows , she hates that she has nobody to run to that feels her pain she needs guidence, she thinks to her self “i wish i could go to sleep and never wake up!” but convinces her self she is not suicidal, she cant even convince herself shes not, she Hates herself for being like this she screams in to her self help all the time she is soso traped, she lookes like the happiest one of the lot and is always the livly one in he bunch, She dose really stupid things to feel happy but the more they dont work the more she trys and when it ends she reslises she made things worse, she can never be at peace with herself,
shes a hurt,
little girl who clings to happyness when she feels it, she has no confidance except the one she pretends to have, shes good at it, she needs help but she feels she will never find it, I dont know what she needs so how dose any one else ?
“she” is the girl righting this , she just cant talk about her feelings without expressing it in someone else, ! soon she will fly away, and i will be free

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