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I was talking with my close friend the other night who I haven’t seen in person for years and years, and I she says “I wish you could be here soooo much!” I told her why can’t I? So we decided that early this summer we would try to get me on a plane to see her again. I was up until 2:30AM last night (4 hours) looking up info on planes, safety, eating, money, what to bring, etc. and I told her I’d ask my parents about it and I’d show them the list of things we planned and saw into (2 pages full of what we found out) and what I would bring (made a list for that too). I finally get my parents and myself alone and ask them about it, but they said no, even though they had a whole 4 months to think about it, first thing they said was talking of all of the issues and how they couldn’t trust me even when I was 11 they said when I became 12 they would let me (I’m 13 now and I asked them about traveling to another friends house and they agreed but it never happened because of our schedule). All I heard before the conversation ended was, “Yeah…No.” It hurt to think that they can’t trust me. I’m always on the computer and I have a black belt to protect myself (been awhile but I could catch up)but since everyone in my family says i should get out of the house more, I finally ask about it and they disagree. I spent 4 whole hours on this chatting with my friend and yet they couldn’t even think about it!

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