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Posted by on 2013/03/12 under Uncategorized

I’m sick of hearing this phrase, your always working harder. There is no such thing as work hard now and it’ll be easier. There never is, I bet if I work hard for high school, I have to work even harder in uni, then I’ll have to work hard at my job to get a promotion, probably have kids and work even harder. So really, I don’t think life is at all easy. I’ve accepted this fact long ago and I just want some decent simple and I want the world to stop demanding the F*Ck out of me. I’m truly f*cking happy my parents are so considerate and realize I’m trying my best and not really producing results, I truly am faithful and I don’t take advantage of it and try to work hard. I’m just f***ing pissed at myself feel as if I’m a failure. I’d never consider suicide ever but I believe that life is hell, living is hell… but there’s no such thing as a better place, people just need that reassurance that there is a better life. We all just try to make this place a better place and just create inventions to make our lives easier and yes it has made our lives much more interesting. Now we have the internet to share our feelings, a computer to game to relieve stress and audio equipment which allows us to just forget the work and just rock on! These are my opinions and I’m sure others have their owns too and I respect that, I just believe this is the way I feel like it is…

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