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i struggle with addiction…. to everything, lately its been heroin… i dont know what im doing with my life, nothing seems to work out for me, except getting high and thats destroying my life and who i am as a person… im a good person! i have a good heart, i care soo much for everyone but i feel so alone and empty inside, i dont know what to do. im so lost and confused in this dark world… God said he would be with me always and i beleive that, but i dont have any sign of his presence, i always spiral down into this dark hole ive dug for myself and im so scared of what im going to do next. i dont know what the f*** is going on in the spirit world any more. i have faith that God is going tosave me eventually but right now im just lost. im scared and i feel alone. im tired of it im tired of feeling hopeless and alone and haveing nothign to do, no friends to turn to, all the people i consider friends only know a part of me, a portion of who i am, not all of me and i just want someone to share my life with, someone to care for someone to love and someone to know everything about me, my ins and outs, my ups and downs. someone who cares forme no matter what i do or what isay or how i snap or cry or just…….. i dont know any more… im so… dead inside

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  1. Alex says:

    hey man i feel ya but god wont save ya only you can help yourself, i had to do it, and it was tough and it sucked but do yourself a favor and seek help

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