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While in highschool I think we can all say we did some things that we can all regret. I mean, I once drank liquor and hot chocolate by the cup full every morning in the front row of out state standardized testing for a week. Got found out and suspended for 10 days, do I regret it? Hell No. That gave me an opportunity to give a speech to the incoming class about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

I took that opportunity by the horns and committed myself fully to saving the innocent minds from the ruining their lives with drink and drugs… actually I didn’t. Do I feel good about what I did? Well I don’t feel bad, that’s for sure, but Having a brother who has gone through rehab at the age of 19, I know the pain drugs an alcohol can cause on a family. Does that mean I am completely against poking fun at junkies and do not enjoy having a night of good old fashioned Nihilistic drinking?

Nope. No point of view is 100%, just like way of life, religion, decision, or anything else you will do while you breath. So if you think you’re right, you’re wrong.

ADD much

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