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when i wake up in the morning you are the first person on my mind and i wonder if i am on yours as well, i tell you how much you mean to me but i never hear it back.
you mean the world to me and im am afraid that one day im going to loose you, and the thought of that just breaks my heart, but what hurts the most is that you might not even care. i think about you all the time, i worry about you i dream about you, but do i ever cross your mind? do you worry about me? do you miss me? you probably dont ): when we spend time together i experience real happiness, i have a real smile on my face and not the fake one i usually put on. i wish you loved me the way i love you.

3 thoughts on “what do i mean to you?

  1. Your special friend says:

    Stop assumming that the person doesn’t miss you! You will regret it in the future if u don’t ask the person. Just ask the person, and maybe they feel the same about you. Good luck xox

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello. The thing is, you never know how they really feel unless you ask. Because rejection is still better than having these “I wish I..” and “I regret” feelings. Let me tell you a little story. When I first started high school, I met this boy. Let’s just call him N, in case he ever sees this! I fell in love with him. He was all I could ever think about, all I ever wanted. And one day I realized, that I could make all my dreams possible if I reached out to him. I sent him a message saying how I felt, and I felt sick the entire night, worried about what was to happen. The next morning, he came and said he felt the way and N became my boyfriend. We are still together, N and I. And I am happy I did this. Do it too. You just never know my dear. .xx

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is beautiful x

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