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Posted by on 2013/03/06 under Uncategorized

Why do u do ??? why do people comment?? ruin others life and ruin ther precious moments. Why do you have to point out the fact that i am fat,, Im sorry if i am. I am workin on it.soon i wont be fat and hideous anymore, and it wont hurt others to see me. But i still dont get it.IS dat what matters in life. Tall or short, Fat or Thin, ugly , beautiful ,pretty.. The fact dat d person can be something more than dat why cant people see that,, Ive never been rude to you, never put you into awkward situations or brrn unkind,, all i do is smile … i smile,, i smile at you,, and dats how you treat me,, and wat hurts d most is dat ure family,, you are someone i look upto.. someone i was always proud of.. someone dat i would brag about… and now i cant do all those thongs cos im a complete mess.. D feelings .. d things dat i feel i dnt want to,, i dont want hrt anymore and dnt want to cry anymore,,, i wish everynight dat dis feeling would go away,, but it wont,, i wake up but its still there.. WHY?????

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