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This is for every person who called me fat. This is for the person who called me ugly. This is for the person who always tried to make me feel bad for your own enjoyment, well you know what? SCREW YOU!!!! Im all grown up now and I do admit I was pretty fat when I was kid but was it really necessary for you to remind me every day that I was, I mean don’t you think I noticed my weight conditions and that I could probably live on with my life like that without the harassment I received everyday. I starved my self for 6 months because of you. I almost committed suicide because of you. I almost let you ruin my life but the truth is you didn’t. I’m in the most happiest point in my life right now. I have good grades, I spend time with people who love me and will always love me for who I am and while this is occurring in my life you are still out there trying to figure out how you can ruin somebody else’s life because apparently you are to immature to grow up and realize that what your doing is wrong and it does effect people in so many ways but the thing is the only person that is ugly in this situation and fat is you in the inside. Physical appearance should never matter to anyone, what matters is what’s in the inside and well your insides are pure ugliness of all the hatred, pain, and suffer you bring to the people around you, and the fatness you have is all the insults, comments, and cruelty that grows inside of you every day. But I’m here to tell you that you don’t scare me anymore, you don’t cause me pain and suffering in my life anymore. I shall never shed a tear for you anymore. All those tears I lost because of your comments and insults, I will gain back because you don’t control me, you are not the person who’s going to decide my future because the only person that can do that is me!!

2 thoughts on “Im Not Afraid Anymore…….

  1. aquatic shadows says:

    BTW I am not talking about myself….. I write stories in the perspective of people who once were in a bad place or are so people can see what people go through and realize and think what can you do to make a difference. If you want more please tell me and I will be more gladly to make many more stories for you just comment and tell me what you would like the story about thank you!!!!

  2. Your speical friend says:

    Just curious, why aquatic shadows? Any particular reason?

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