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Posted by on 2013/03/06 under Uncategorized

I feel worthless.. Im alone.. No support at all.. And when i think ive finally found some, it disappears on me. Im abused.. And used so much.. What was the point of me being born? Ive.done no good and just take up space.. Im worthless.. Someone else deserves to have to opportunity to live.. Not me everything is bad. I should never have been born.

One thought on “im s***…

  1. aquatic shadows says:

    you should never say that about yourself. When you feel like this its not the time to give yourself pity or bring yourself down. Its time to keep your head up and keep moving forward rather than taking a step back. Talk to someone about this and if you don’t well you can always talk to me and I will help you get through this because no one deserves to feel like this no one!

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