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Posted by on 2013/03/04 under Uncategorized

I am a huge mess.. And i don’t know how to ”fix” myself.. I’m almost never in the mood to do anything, i feel sad a lot of times, and i’m doing a lot worse on my studies! This partly happened because my life sucks, but i just want to feel happy, and change myself for the better, but everytime i try, i give up. With everything going on in my life, i feel like i don’t want to go through anymore trouble than i already have… I just wanna feel energetic and happy and have control over my life..

One thought on “I’m a mess..

  1. Your special friend says:

    You should consider reading fiction books. Nicely written fiction books take you into a whole new world of adventure, and make you feel happier IMO. Keep smiling, you are amazing 🙂

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