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The day that you meet that person , the person effects your identity , the things that you stand for and also manipulates your heart when you told your head when I do this again its going to be the right way , the easy way, the only way. Being caught up in feelings of bliss and decisions to trust someone else the same way you trust yourself. Because if you fail yourself , you will fail others also. The sunshine can heat up a summer romance throughout the bitter winter and erase all doubts because of the glimpse of a future , that has everything you want and need. I think I always forget what its like to fall in love when i’m not in it, I spend so much time avoiding relationships and everything that they have to offer because of the cynical side of me believes whats the point ,nothing is permanent. Then like a fairy tale your believes float out of out of your very body and a love blossoms . Flirtations , dating , creating . One of my favorite expressions is ” distance makes the heart grow fonder ” when you don’t have the ability to see the one that your sure has no flaws or doubts in you , the mistakes that you know you’ve made and sure you are capable of making again . That push of judgment that eases your conciseness into not fooling its self anymore. That is when you know that this is real and this is what i want and this is what im going to fight for because if i dont then our time together has just slipped away through the seasons and the emotions and the work that has been devoted into making something your own type of perfect . You can never control anyone but yourself , and when you need to feel in control blaming others manifests around your heart because theres not one person to blame but yourself , questioning constantly , what did i do ? how did it come this far being able to know these things is the first step in a rational recovery of looking in the mirror and seeing your identity all over again.

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