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so of course people only see the bad in me. i could save a LIFE and if i do something bad even if its very stupid theyll forget i ever saved a LIFE and just know and judge me for the. idk if ur understanding but what i mean to say is..okay, people CAN change! I wasnt exactly perfect..when i was younger(and im only 16) i used to be very(too) flirty and i would flirt with anyone!! girl, boy, ugly, good looking, fat, skinny, nice, bad…ANYONE i sooooo grew up and im SOOO not that person anymore. i found the love of my life and through the years ive seen how wrong i was before i would make everyone believe i was into them so i could take my pick WHAT THE F*** WAS WRONG WITH ME?! im not sure…well i was just young and clueless! im a great friend, im social(i dont flirt anymore) i fell in love and we’ve been together for 2 years and some ppl still hate me for who i was before CANT THEY SEE IVE CHANGED!!?? I KNOW I WAS WRONG BUT DAMMIT CANT A GIRL CHANGE AND BE GIVEN THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT?! i mean FOR F***S SAKE im not the same person and i am SOO embarrased of who i was… u.u WHAT DO I DO TO MAKE EVERYONE STOP JUDGING ME AND SEE ME FOR WHO I REALLY AM NOW?! i am nice, kind, dedicated(i study and i am working for my own expenses) im soo sad and dissapointed in myself :c pleasee i need some advice.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I am glad that you have changed. Most people in life are not too accepting with change, and they judge fully on first impression. Try meeting new people and be your new self around them. Do not listen to the people that keep you in the past. If you have changed, I hope the people you listen to have as well. Good Luck .xx

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