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My ex boyfriend showed up at my front door last night… said he needed a place to crash because he was depressed and miserable. His mother passed away from cancer and he needed someone who he knew would support and care for him. I was scared but flattered at that. We haven’t had the greatest past… he was mean and hurtful and I left him. But now it seems like something might have changed. Was it a mistake for letting him in again? Is he going to go back to his old ways? I want to be there for this time in grief, I did love his mother. But maybe this is not the right thing. I am caught in the middle.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My child, listen and listen well. In this time it may be wise to be there for you ex. But a time shall come when you must decide what path you would like in the end. The path will be influenced by what he does and what will occur in time. However the path you seek may not be the best for one in doubt. Just follow your heart and listen well so you know what is best for you. Be don’t be afraid to take the knife and server the bonds of life and end the connection with him. It may cause pain but all in time Only you can choose what in each path shall lie.

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