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Alright! I’m only thirteen, and I’m sure everyone says they have the worst life ever with all their drama and how they can’t imagin it being worse, but this is real. I’m the person who dosent complain because I know my life could be worse. I never imagined the situation I’m currently in though. Ok, now that I’ve said that, to the delema… My mother decided to leave the place my family has lived our entire life. My mom and dad are divorced and it’s the longest story ever, so I’m not going to go into it. We left, without knowing anyone where we were going except my mothers internet boyfriend. She denies we left to come here because of him, but we all know its true. So here we are, accross the country, with no recorces, my brother, sister, and I have missed more than a semester of school, knowing no one, and we have finaly gotten a two bedroom appartment (for four people) and we’re suck in a rut where we can’t afford furiture because our sister eats everything in site. I want to go back to our old home, my REAL home so bad, but i know i cant. I talked to my brother about it, and being the total ass he is, told a bit to my mom that i want to go back. automatically offended, she asked if it was true. my brother said no point in holding it in now. i said how i felt: that i would rather be back home because there, people know me and love me and care. no one knows us here, no one smiles, or waves, or anything remotly friendly. we arnt in school, so no friends there, and thats the basic socal point for all teens. I feel like a ghost. wishing someone would see me, but knowing they cant/wont. its so frustraiting, i just dont know what to do. My brother gave me the answer i didnt want to hear, which was letting it out in an argument with mom before it builds to high up for the next 3-5 years before i can go back. He basically told me im screwed! What help was that? Venting about how you does nothing but release the tension… it dosent solve anything. I’m becoming an adult, and being an adult means you dont sit around and cry and wait for peobloems to magically fix themselves. you take action to make things better, and solve your problems. I have so much anger built up twords my mom, its unreal… I wouldn’t be so unhappy if sould actually be an adult and do whats best for her children, instead of using her athority to get whatever she wants. We should have stayed until i was older, and we had preporations in order. We should have picked a place that was reasonably closer, and not because she wanted sex. I feel like the only contributation mom gives is going to work to pay bills, driving, and managing things other adults wouldnt take kids seriously doing. we have to be the mature ones because mom dosent know how. Im a kid! im not suposed to do this! my brother aand i do everything basically! we’re the stay at home mom and mom is the dad who makes money, complains about food, then sleeps. never being affectionit to the wife. I dont want to talk about my feelings and then have nothing change. that just makes me more upset. This isnt how i want to live. I cant leave, mothers misuse of her power over brother is 19, and will leave as soom as he’s done with higbhschool, which is really soon. When he leaves, I’m going to be with a 17 year old pig, and a baby of a parent. Ill be the stay at home mom. without affections or help. at lease for a year or two. then it will just be me and mom… And i will try to leave as soon as possible. thats still too long. what am i supost to do to solve this problem? talking to mom dosnt work. shes so set in her own mind, it’s impossible to fix her, in a way. Im too young for this guys. I cant keep waiting either. help me please!

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