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so my good guyfriend and i were playing a truth game ,and at the end of the game it was his turn to ask me .. so he said do you like me? “btw we were playing on skype by texting” so i said i’d tell him if he said it first , but actually i don’t know , i don’t think i have feelings for him , it’s just weird . he’s a good good friend of mine , but he wouldn’t answer he said it was my turn to answer .. so i said i’ll tell you but you’ll tell me after truthly , and he said i never fake so i said no , and he said but earlier you said i wasn’t friendzoned “we were talking and he said f***, i’m friendzoned and i said not exactly” so i said no i said not exactly so he said that’s weird .. then he said yes i like you
ad you’re the only chick that cares about me and you’re just perfect
so i’m confused .. what should i do? i mean he’s starting to flirt with me and
i don’t know .. should i give it a try or should i reject him ?? PLEASE HELP.


  1. Anonymous says:

    This is hard. Because the choice that you make can alter everything. My best advice is to take some time and think about this boy. Is he always there for you and does he really care for you? Because this might be a good boyfriend actually. But if you think you just aren’t meant to be with him, tell him truthfully. Don’t make him wait. Just say,” I really just like you as a friend and I don’t want to ruin that friendship by dating.” I hope it all works out .xx

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